Some questions asked by many our patients:

Insurance Coverage and Privacy?

Find out if your insurance plan will cover genetic testing — many insurance plans do. The 2008 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) protects against discrimination by health insurance plans based on an individual’s genetic information. However, if you're still concerned about your privacy, you may pay for the testing yourself (no insurance) and check the "patient access only" on the intake form. Your test results will only be shared and discussed with you.  It will be your choice alone to share with other healthcare providers, institutions or family. If you opt for the latter, the only way we will share your information is through a lawful subpoena duces tecum or court order naming you specifically.  In addition, GINA does not extend to life insurance, so securing life insurance coverage prior to genetic testing is suggested.  In alignment with federal and state law, Lucid Genetics will always keep your information private.


Can I opt in for future clinical trials?

Yes, in our intake form you can check yes to be contacted on new clinical trials that may relate to you.  If at a later time, you wish to be removed from this list just simply login in to your patient account and send us an email asking to be unlisted.  By default all patients are not included in the list for clinical trial participation.  You must opt in to be added to the list.


Is my sample or raw data kept for any other research?

No, we do not keep or store any raw data or samples as a practice.  We do keep a record of the intake forms, consent to treat, medical records made by the physician and genetic counselors as well as your test results. We believe your DNA information belongs to you and only you.  We will never sell or distribute your raw data, medical record or test results.   If you opt in for being in possible clinical trials we will review your record for possible inclusion in a trial.  If you meet the trial and sponsor's requirements we will contact you by HIPAA secure email to ask you if you want to be sent information on the trial.  At that point it is then up to you to make the contact with the clinical trial staff if you so choose. 


Can my primary physician review my record and test results?

Yes, you can sign a consent for your named primary physician or other physicians that you are under care with, to login in to your medical record and review your medical record and test results.  If you do not sign the consent for physician access then they will not be given any access to your record.


Can I use my iPhone or Android phone for my consultation?

Yes, just remember it is a medical consultation and you should be in a private space or area where you are not overheard by others.  Think of it as the physician coming to your house to talk to you; you will want a quiet and private area to converse.


How can I get a copy of my medical record?

Just ask in the patient portal after you login to your account.  We can send it by US Postal system or by HIPAA secure email. All forms will be sent in PDF for easy review and portability. 


Can I follow up with my physician or genetic counselor at a later time? 

Yes, just like a regular practice, you can login to your account and make another appointment at any time.  As time passes and research provides more information; you may want to follow up with your physician about how the new genetic discoveries may include your health.  


Can I refer friends and family?

Yes, just like a standard medical practice; we are open to helping your family and friends.  We will never discuss you or your information with them.  Just simply direct them to our website and we can take it form that point.