Medical Team


Meet with one of our 15 physicians and speak one on one with them via live video conference. You can go over your personal medical history and family medical history in the comfort of your own home.  Our typical physician has over 10 years of post graduate diagnostic experience.  You will always meet with a physician who is licensed in your state and who listens to you.


Genetic Counselors

If your physician has ordered a test, the results will be reviewed by one of our 20 genetic counselors and they will schedule a time when they can review the results with you one on one in private video conference.  If a referral to a specialist is needed our medical team will consult with your primary physician or if desired we will directly refer you to a specialist.  


Consulting Physician Specialists

From time to time, our team may need to consult with specialist or sub-specialist physicians for certain medical conditions in order to provide the best care possible.  Our team of consulting specialist are typically employed by some of the most renowned medical teaching centers in the US.  


Medical Administration

Our experienced administrative team is working in the background to make your experience first class.  From the moment, you register and for years to come our team is making sure your experience is smooth, professional, timely and safe.  They are always working in the back ground to keep all your personal information secure and safe in accordance with HIPAA, HITECH, Federal and state regulations.