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Rare Disease Consultation Appointment

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Rare Disease intake appointment Includes:

  • Live video extended consultation with licensed physician in your state of residence
  • Multiple reviews from genetic counselors about your case
  • Review by specialty physicians as required (genetics or sub-specialist)
  • Physician follow up plan via live video conference


Self Pay: $295.00 (charged after physician visit; if not covered by insurance)

Note: you can use your health savings account for this physician/genetic counselor appointment.



Initial consultation with a boarded, licensed physician, in your state to discuss your personal and family medical history in order to understand if genetic testing is appropriate.  Genetic tests (based on medical need) available through our labs and are saliva based and include: 

- Rare disease genetic panels

- FDA approved cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions genetic tests

-  Custom proprietary testing panels

- 3,070 unique precision genetic tests 

We evaluate, if deemed needed, the following medical (ACMG-endorsed Actionable Disorders) whole genome screening includes 59 medically actionable genes recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) for return in clinical genomic sequencing. A list of these genes can be found here: http://www.nature.com/gim/journal/v19/n2/abs/gim2016190a.html


We will also test for the following rare diseases:


If a genetic tests are ordered, the results shall be reviewed with you confidentially by the prescribing physician and an ABGC Certified Genetic Counselor® via a HIPAA compliant video conference. If Medicare or insurance cover your initial consultation then your payment shall be pro-rated and refunded based on coverage.


NOTE:  Genetic testing  for rare disease out of pocket or not covered by insurance can cost between $900 to $6,000 per panel.