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Whole Exome Sequence - Concierge Medicine

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Medical Concierge Proactive - Whole Exome

Appointment Includes:

  • Live video consultation with licensed physician in your state of residence
  • Multiple reviews from genetic counselors about your case
  • Whole Exome Sequence panel (2 months to complete)
  • Physician follow up plan via live video conference

Patient Self Pay: $2,985.00 (charged after physician visit)

 It includes a full sequence analysis of a single patient case.

Exceptional accuracy of 99.7% sensitivity and >99.99% specificity for SNV detection and 97% sensitivity and >99.99% specificity for indel detection (up to 220 bp).

Improved coverage challenging genes (e.g. PKD1, RPGR [ORF 15], GBA) and identify ~1,200 clinically relevant non-coding variants.

Full details available upon request.